You can't be doing it wrong
if you're not doing anything at all

Do you feel like you're not doing anything useful, ever, and you're really good at it?
Do you enjoy watching how life happens around you and you're not really part of it?

You prefer everything in slow-motion?

If you didn't really bother to answer these questions you should
definitely get the SillySloth Certificate to become a

Certified Human Sloth.

Hopefully this gets


Get rewarded for
simply being yourself

You get a professional certificate with a ribbon on it that you can display in your living room, office or dungeon. We only use the highest quality paper for print to make sure the certificate looks really awesome.

To add to that, it also costs less than any kind of useful certificate, and we think that's really nice.

Don't believe us? Look at the data!

People who embrace a slothy lifestyle are many times happier than regular people. We can prove it, we have a chart.

This certificate is for you if you aren't necessarily looking to


The certificate is perfect if you don't want to

This certificate will definitely not help you

And you most definitely want to stay away if you plan to

See what fellow sloths say


The certificate is printed on high-quality glossy paper, it has a ribbon on it and it's signed.
What more can you ask for? I put it on my wall, I'm so proud of it.
I'm saving for another, I'd really like to be the first one who has a double certification,
that's twice the value I have now.

Tim Olson iStockPhoto Model

Of course, there is more!

And it’s a course, of course!

Not sloth enough? No worries, we’ll teach you!

Learn about all this silly slothy thing in our brand new exclusive free course that will reveal
all the secrets on how to become the slothest version of yourself!

It's not necessarily built with love and great attention to details.

Not particularly minblowing content either. Mediocre at best, to be honest.

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